Cedar sandblasted wood sign for a cannabis store in Smithers BC.Handcrafted by Condor signs Vernon BC
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 Business signs

What should you consider when creating  your show piece?

Several things, actually.

A business sign is the main building block of your advertising and marketing campaigns. In a time when advertising is one of the biggest industries in American business. Advertising and marketing agencies are collecting huge fees to draw attention to your product or service. There are many ways to spend or budget for advertising and promotion.Are you looking at spending money on promotion? Many people will help you spend it.Consider this.Start at the beginning. Make a list.  What is the best bang for the buck?

                                                           Custom business signs

Of course it is a  sign. How will people find your business if you don’t have a sign? Besides highlighting your location. A custom  sign is your first chance to show a potential customer your business’ personality.  An old saying that says “we eat with our eyes” and this certainly is true with signage. Good graphics and bold colors make it appealing to the passerby.This can lead to more business.

Your custom sign must be unique to your company.Brand your business with a stimulating and visually compelling corporate logo. Indeed, your custom sign should be your trademark! A calling card to potential clients. So naturally it is important to carefully plan and execute the best design for your sign. If you own a bakery.Your sign will surely look different than  a sign for a tire company. Create a custom sign that properly communicates the flavor of your business.   Carefully choose the font, color and layout. Take into account the presentation of the sign. For instance, a freeway billboard will obviously be designed differently than the daily menu at your favorite eatery.

The  best piece of advice I can offer is this:  IF YOU HAVE TO STOP TO READ A SIGN IT ISN’T A GOOD SIG

                                                                         Other points to consider

More questions to keep in mind while designing your business signage are: Who is your target audience? What are you trying to tell them? How can you make your bid for stardom fit your market?  Will it draw customers? Keep these questions in mind as you design a new business sign. Following this will help to ensure that your business sign is fresh and direct. Reach out  to your customers!

Once your sign is designed, the custom graphics may be used to brand your business in several ways. The company logo  can be incorporated in business cards, stationery, and on the company website. Working together to create a unified and easily identified look for your customers.

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What should you consider when creating your business sign