We offer sign refinishing and sign rebuilding services as a part of our commitment to our clients. Although our custom cedar sandblasted signs are finished with a high-quality coating to give them years of reliable service outside, there comes a time they will need some maintenance and attention.  We are happy to provide sign refinishing and restorations services to give your custom wood sign many more years of service to you. We work with any wooden sign regardless of manufacturer and many cases we are able to improve upon them. Although custom made handcrafted signs are timeless in their look and appeal the colours may not reflect current trends. We can repaint in a new colour scheme for you. If you are unsure about the condition of your sign, please contact us so we can discuss.  Maintaining your sign before it gets to the point where this is not an option will save you money in the long run.

Remember your sign works for you 24/7. It is the least expensive way to let the world know who you are. Many of our sign refinishing projects are on signs that have been hung for well over ten years. We recommend you take a picture of your sign when new and keep it on file. Look at it from time to time to remind yourself what it looked like new. Sometimes we just go to work or pull in the driveway and go about our business. Signs wear out very slowly so we may not even be aware of the present condition. This where the picture helps. It is like getting a new sign for a fraction of what replacement will cost.

Most of the time we can accommodate clients in need of sign refinishing.  However, in some cases, the sign may be beyond the point where restoration or repair is feasible.  In these cases, a redesign and rebuild is in order.

Some of our rebuilds before and after restoration!

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