sandblasted high density urethane sign for housing development by condor signs Vernon BC

High Density Urethane {HDU} Signs – Best Choice for Indoor or Outdoor Signage

High Density Urethane is a man made material perfect for sign makers. High Density Urethane Signs are one of the best choices for any kind of outdoor or indoor display.

High Density Urethane (HDU Signs) won’t crack, or warp, or rot so it’s less likely to allow moisture to get below the surface and damage the paint or finish.

High Density urethane is lighter than wood but not as strong and will dent easily. It is not cheap to buy so there is not a lot of savings over having us build a custom cedar sign.That being said we are a sign company and will use any material that is requested.

Any sign is only as good as the finishes used. At Condor we use the best that are available so any sign made by us will withstand years of mother natures abuse.These hdu signs are best mounted flush or have a wood or metal frame fabricated to reinforce them if they are being mounted between posts. We do not recommend that they swing freely.