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condor signs cedar wood sandblasted signsCondors Sign, a high quality  cedar sandblasted sign company

Sandblasted cedar signs is  what we do.Condor Signs is known for its long tradition of handcrafting beautiful sandblasted cedar signs.  Thirty plus years and going strong!Our custom, sandblasted, artist painted cedar wood signs are manufactured  to your specifications. Set your business or residence apart with one of our timeless artist painted wood signs.

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We Start with Quality Western Red Cedar for our cedar sandblasted signs

We choose Western red cedar for our signs, sourced locally in the interior of BC. Cedar has a history as one of the best woods for out door use.It was cherished by first nations.They used it for shelter, transportation,clothing and baskets.  Quality control is job one, and we handpick all of our wood. Most importantly,  we use tight grain clears. Each cedar sign is constructed of  laminated pieces to help prevent warping and cracking. We use wood not lumber. Think of this as building fine furniture. Gluing is a part of the process and we use  a water resistant product to assure a good bond.

The Process

First we make the  cedar sign blanks. We cut the wood to length, shape,sand and prepare for manufacture. A mock-up of the cedar sign is drawn and emailed to the client. This is like a  cartoon of the  sign. Once approved we begin the next step. First a computer cut sandblast resist that has glue on one side is made. Secondly we affix it the blank and sandblast the sign. Sand  bounces off the rubber resist. As a result, all areas exposed will be sandblasted away. In other words, the desired effect  is sand carving. Third step, the resist is removed and the sign is sanded and shaped and edges are routed. After that the magic happens.

Finishing the Artist Painted Cedar Signs

Finishing cedar sandblasted signs is actually an eleven step process. We apply three coats of Sikkens front and back. The text is painted with three coats of One Shot sign paint. After that the artist works her magic. It is a blessing we have her. She paints almost anything. Paint  brings things to life. Finally we spray two coats of automotive clear coat. Our signs last a long time. Seven to ten years before a touch up may be required, and many have resisted Canadian weather longer.

Other Products and Services

We make other sign products as well, including:

Memorial plaques in bronze and aluminum

High Density Urethane (HDU}

Vinyl lettered


Granite and Slate

Hand Lettered and Gold leaf