aluninum sign, letters for all your needs for sign letters in metal supplied by Condor Signs

Would you like an aluminum sign? Condor Signs may be able to help.An aluminum sign is the least expensive way to go.The most used metal in the world.Light, strong and doesn’t rust.Paint it or treat it with materials to enhance the look. Letters and signs supplied quickly.Arrives in two to three weeks.All letters,signs and plaques  made to order. Many variables of sizes and finishes are  available.Plan ahead.Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long. Order your aluminum signage now.

I do want to clarify that there are four different types of aluminum signs:

1. Cast Metal Letters – Typically for outdoor use.  Aluminum signs where permanency is required. For example; professional offices, universities, and government buildings. Also these are great for monument signs, and building signs.

2. Laser Cut Aluminum – also known as water jet or flat cut.Both are good for indoor and outdoor signs. Sometimes cut into letters, logo’s or any shape. Terrific for lobby , wall. , logos , monument , and office signs.

3. Metal Laminate on Acrylic – Need the Look and feel of metal?  However  the  budget doesn’t allow for it.Brushed metal laminate on acrylic is a very good indoor  choice.  Edges  can even be painted to match the look of the aluminum.Use for lobby , wall , logo and office signage.

4. Metal Laminate on Foam – On a budget? This is an indoor aluminum sign material. Best used when depth and dimension are critical.  Lobby,  wall and logo signage are some of the uses.

Aluminum sign choices