Logos and your Custom Business Sign

business sign Cedar sand carved  All West Glass Smithers BC. auto glass,window glasss custom made by Condor systems Vernon BC. C
Cedar sand carved sign All West Glass Smithers BC

Here at Condor signs we produce many business signs.We design and manufacture cedar wood business signs, handcrafted, artist painted and sandblasted for you. I am always happy and excited when people order a sign from us at Condor Signs. Business owners love their logo and of course their names.  You certainly want them to be visible on the cedar sign they have ordered. I agree! But what I don’t agree with is when the logo and name overshadow the nature of the business. What looks good on business card or a letterhead does not always suit sign making. We encounter conflict between print and sign making from time to time. We are all proud of our effort we have put into starting or running our company.Of course  want to it to grow. Unfortunately most of us will be smaller companies.Not all  will not be global.

Global companies spend millions to get us to identify with their logo.  Their brand is recognized by us without thinking what it is they are selling. The signs are generally large and in high traffic areas.Often located in front of huge complexes.  Many have  have hundreds or maybe thousands of locations. We all wish we could be the next big thing.That is the nature of the entrepreneur.

But we all have to start somewhere so I recommend to place more emphasis on what your business is and less on your logo and name. People only see signs for seconds at most so if they are looking for a plumber as an example make sure they see PLUMBER. Your name can certainly be visible on the sign as well as the logo but remember that the purpose of sign is to drive customers to you.

Logos & Custom Business Signs