“As a dentist, I work in a demanding; highly detailed setting where perfectionism excels and everything else falls by the wayside. I needed signage for my practice and contacted Condor Systems to design and build my signs. In the process, they proved to be an excellent communicator, craftsman, and artist. Their input during the design phase was thoughtful and helpful, and they were extremely patient and diligent as we worked through many possible concepts. Of note were their excellent computer drafting skills and impressive software, which enabled me to see mock-ups of our concepts almost instantly.

“Once the design process was complete, the real art began. As a woodworker, I noted Condor systems skill in material selection (beautiful, thick, clear cedar slabs) and machining. Later, during the paint phase, They walked me through carefully selecting colors and borders for maximum impact.

“At installation of the signs, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Condor systems had taken the time to hand paint the carriage bolt heads that were used for my door sign, have custom steel brackets fabricated, and triple-coat the cedar posts with sealer. He even carved the cut ends of the posts to match the finish on the rest of the post. I consistently receive positive comments on our beautiful signs, and they have increased my practice’s visual presence in a positive, beautiful, and excellent way. In a world where so few people recognize or deliver excellence, Condor Systems has not only delivered me a fantastic product, but also inspired me further in my own pursuit of excellence with their incredible workmanship.”

Dr. Gary Wessels
Dentist, Vernon, BC

Dr Gary Wessels