Custom Signs Vernon BC

condor signs logoAt Condor Signs we are a high quality sign company that specializes in Custom Sandblasted, Artist painted cedar signs in Vernon  and the Okanagan.

We also focus on High Density Urethane (HDU) Signs, Vinyl signs, Hand lettered signs, Gold leaf lettering, Coreplast signs, Glass signs, Aluminum signs, granite, slate signs and Hand Carved, logo design.
Our staff are trained in the “old school” craft of commercial sign writing whose credentials and experience offer 31 years expertise in the sign design and woodworking trades.
In addition to the initial “old school” training, we have constantly upgraded by becoming computer technology literate. The educational upgrades have allowed us to become more proficient by being able to add computer hardware to the business.
The computer controlled equipment is used as an additional tool rather than a substitute for a professionally handcrafted product. The finished look is “carved” – the process is sandblasted.

A Great Sign is the Sign of a Great business!

As an Okanagan sign company based in Vernon BC, we create custom Vernon Signs and offer the following services: