sand blasted cedar signscondor signs bannerOur pride shows with our sandblasted cedar signs.  Please view  Condor’s sandblasted cedar signs gallery. Signs are constructed of number select clear western red cedar.We laminate pieces together to avoid warping and cracking.We use many coats of finish to protect your investment.Cedar signs manufactured by condor will last an average of seven to ten years until minor touch ups may be required.Many signs last longer than this so when the time comes we can restore your sign back to near new condition.We also work on other signs not manufactured by Condor Signs.You can find examples in the sandblasted cedar signs gallery.We service what we sell.

Quality takes time! So allow around a month for the manufacture of your sign.Sometimes we have blanks that are already fabricated so that can save a few days.If you have your own art work will save time as well.

Condor  will work with you to try and get the right sign for personal or business applications.A sign is the most important piece of advertising you can invest in.Make the right choice by letting Condor Signs  help. Years of experience and hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers make Condor Signs one of the best.Our specialty is sandblasted cedar. Let Condor make you a sign!  View the pictures to get an idea of what we have created. Clients can use  these to help design their own sign.

Not sure No problem try browsing some of the other galleries.Other materials may be be better suited for your needs. Trust Condor to get you the best sign for you and your budget.

If you  need any other information about our sandblasted cedar signs or any other signage you can contact us.We will be happy to help.

Here a list of our galleries: