Custom Directional Signs for Special Events & Occasions

Custom directional signs are a very special way to guide guests to your function. Condor Signs can create any number of custom signs that will compliment the decor or theme. Sign designs range from elegant to rustic or anything in between. Your guests will always find their way with a Condor directional sign and they will like it more than a sharpie on cardboard. It is a special event so add some zest with good signs. Many clients save the signs after the event as a souvenir or give them to the guests as a that special memento.

Our custom directional signs are constructed from wood unless the client wants something different. We use professional sign paint that takes time to dry so don’t leave these to the last minute

View our gallery below with some samples of wedding directional signs so guests can easily find the specific locations on site. These are just a few examples and we can do any shape, size, colour etc.