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How to create a great sign is not that hard if you follow the recommendations below.You must realize that you only have create a good sign once.You only buy them once and they work for you day and night.It is the least expensive advertising you can buy.

All around the country people instantly recognize the golden arches on McDonald’s® signs, and immediately identify Volkswagen’s®, Wal-Mart’s®, and even Ben and Jerry’s® signs. By following a few easy tips, your business’ sign can become highly visible and recognizable, and promote your business more than you may realize.

According to experts at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), signs are a terrific way to reach consumers on the go. The organization adds that case studies continually show that signs increase awareness, influence purchasing, and sell products.

To maximize the power of signs, experts recommend following these design guidelines:

Remember readability
Be sure your lettering is large enough to read from a distance. If people can’t see what the sign says then you’ve just wasted a lot of money.

Carefree Signs recommends the following industry standards:

Reading Distance Letter Height
100 ft. 1¾” to 2″ or above
200 ft. 3½” and above
400 ft. 7″ and above
600 ft. 10½” and above
800 ft. 14″ and above
1000 ft. 17″ and above
1300 ft. 22″ and above

Use tried and true fonts
Sticking to simple fonts will make your sign easier to read. Finke suggests Times Roman, Sans Serif (not too much flare), Frutiger, and Universe fonts. OAAA also advises allowing for adequate spacing between letters and lines, as well as using both upper and lower characters.

Carefully choose colors
According to OAAA, “research demonstrates that high color contrast can improve outdoor advertising recall by 38 percent.”

Best Combinations:

Black on yellow
Black on white
Yellow on black
White on black
Blue on white

Simple messages
Experts agree that when it comes to signs, less is better. OAAA recommends brevity – seven words or fewer, and no more than three elements per sign.

Your sign should quickly and clearly state three important points:

Who you are – your company name and identity
What you do – this section usually highlights your industry or trade, and is given the greatest prominence
How well you do it – a short slogan or company motto might be used in this area
Think in pictures

Graphics and pictures are still worth a thousand words. A picture of a mouth-watering cake may make a greater impact on potential customers than any slogans about baking the best cakes in the county.

Remove temporary signs
If you hang a vinyl banner to announce a sale or grand opening, take it down when the special period concludes. Perpetually posted signs will not make the impression you expect; people may begin to ignore the banner’s message.

Check local laws
Your town or city may have ordinances restricting sign size, lighting, and spacing. Check with your municipality before beginning the design process.

How to Create a Great Sign