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Condor Signs Vernon BC.

If you would like to stand apart from the world of  mundane signage a Condor sandblasted cedar signs might be the answer for you.They are not for everybody but the people that have them like them a lot.People like the bright colors the contrast of textures and their personal input.They show up better in the crowd so  bigger is not always better.

We work with our clients to get their ideas to become a personal statement for their business,home, acreage,development or where a unique sign is called for.We take the information such as the size,shape and basic content to create what is called a mockup.It is sort of like a cartoon of the finished sign.We then tweak this mockup until we arrive at the design our client is happy with.The client gets what they want.Not what we say they get.

It is at this point we start construction of the sign.We select, mill, laminate and sand the number one,select, clear western red cedar into a blank. Next we apply  a thick rubber sandblast resist to protect what will be the painted areas.Now we are ready to sandblast the sign and get ready for the finishing touches.The whole  process can take up to a month so ordering in a timely manner is critical! All our finishes take at least a day to dry and there lots of them.Our signs last for around seven to ten years in normal Canadian conditions before they may need a touch up.If they are sheltered they last even longer.

High quality cedar signs like the ones we manufacture at Condor signs in Vernon BC. are not inexpensive but nor are they most expensive.Our prices sit in the middle of the pack.Quality takes time.Lasts longer and most of all nice to look at.

Take few minutes and browse through the galleries and see want many people have already discovered. Condor signs is one of the best at what we do!

Handcrafted Sandblasted Cedar Signs