Memorial Plaques

Wood dedication plaque Logan Lake Fire Hall in quilted maple.Custom made by Condoe signs Vernon BC
Wood dedication plaque Logan Lake Fire Hall

Memorial signs \ grave markers in  cast metal is a bread and butter item for us at Condor Signs.Remember that special loved one, event, or even you best pet friend with a custom metal headstone or plaque.We offer you  a more relaxed approach to every day memorial plaques and services. We will help you fit your memorial plaque to your needs and budget.We won’t try to up sell you in a time of grief.We are a sign company that sells plaques.

  • Aluminum Plaques
  • Brass Plaques
  • Cast Plaques
  • Laser Etched Plaques
  • Granite Plaques
  • Marble Plaques

Cast Bronze plaques are the most popular as they offer a very good value for the money.We will lay out your  plaque and provide all the art work to ensure a high quality finished product.Many individuals,groups, clubs, organizations,towns and cities have chosen us for their special event or tribute.You are only going to buy one plaque for each person or event so get a great custom metal headstone/bronze plaque from Condor Signs.

High quality, reliability,and super service make Condor Signs your best choice. Memorial plaques can can be made in all sizes and for any reason or occasion.Park benches,urns.graves,special events,and even pets are some of the plaques we have arranged.

Sandblasted cedar is a less expensive alternative.If you have a location we can make a plaque to fit the bill.

Condor signs is  here to help.People order plaques from from all over the world. We will  arrange for the plaque to be drop shipped to any location.This saves time and money.

Memorial plaques are becoming very popular as we think back and reflect on people, places and things that hold a special place in our hearts.They will hold their beauty for decades and  future generations will be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

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