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hdu sandblasted sign for development

sandblasted high density urethane sign for housing development by condor signs Vernon BC
hdu sandblasted sign for development

 Residential Development Custom made and Handcrafted Signs

A development sign is the first thing a customer looks for  to see if they are in the proper location.What a better way to showcase your development than with a Condor custom sandblasted cedar sign.As they say “one picture is worth a thousand words”and a custom cedar sign can speak volumes.We will work the builder or agents to make your development stand out and above the crowd.The biggest investment a person makes is their home so help  to make sure it is a home in your development they buy!If you take pride in your work then take pride in how work looks.The sign is the last thing you want to cut corners on as it is the first thing people see and is a reflection of what you would like to sell.It can never be said enough”A GOOD SIGN IS A SIGN OF A GOOD BUSINESS”

Many home builders,developers and real estate agents give smaller personalized signs to their clients as a thank you!This makes the client feel proud and is a long-term form of advertising.Everyday someone will look at that sign.Everyday you could get a referral from that sign because you cared enough to say thank you .Check out our gallery  called “residential” for some good ideas.

After time all signs wear out.Here at Condor we can restore you sandblasted cedar sign or build you a new one.Remember the sign is the first thing you saw at your development when you bought so when it comes time to sell you want to have the new buyer as thrilled as you where.Sign restoration is basic general maintenance and should never be looked at as a frivolous expense.

Scroll down and take a look at some of the many examples of our work.

Residential & Commercial Development Signs

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